User data

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User data

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The widget My data shows the personal data that you used for your registration.

See Registration.

Click on the Change my profile button to view or modify your personal data or to change your password.

Or click in the right-hand side upper corner in the OxyCity profile page on the arrow next to the name of the OxyCity-user and select My data.

Your User account appears.

_img2What is the meaning of the number in the lower left-hand side corner in the widget My data?


This number indicates the level of confidence that is assigned to you as OxyCity user.

According to this number, the healthcare provider decides if you may make directly appointments, or if you need to ask permission first or to submit an appointment request.

Reliability increases if you meet the following criteria:

Manual registration on OxyCity of the name, national social security number and email of the user and being connected

Name, email and national social security number of the OxyCity user are already known by the healthcare provider

The data of the electronic identity card of the user have been imported by the healthcare provider

Registration of the user on OxyCity by importing the data of the electronic identity card with PIN code.