Security by default in function of GDPR

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Security by default in function of GDPR

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OxyCity is equipped with some default settings in order to ensure data protection and to comply with the General Data Protection Reglementation.

1.Secure password policy

Users are required to select a complex password for xyCity that meets the following requirements:

at least 8 characters, of which;

at least 1 letter;

at least 1 number;

at least 1 special character (spaces included).

You find more information in How can I register for OxyCity?

_img2A user can submit a demand to change his or her password if he or she forgot it.

You find more information in What should I do if I forgot my password?

2.Other security measures


All communication with of between our applications (CGM OxyBoxy, OxyCity, synchronisation, ...)  is done in a safe manner by means of SSL (Secure Socket Layer).


The passwords of OxyCity are hashed and salted before being stored. This method avoids the original password to be recovered.

The passwords are stored in a database, of which differential backups (with changes since the last backup) are made every hour and complete backups every week.

Backups are stored for at least 6 months.