Healthcare providers

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Healthcare providers

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The widget My healthcare providers shows the data of the healthcare providers with who you are connected.

When making a first appointment with a healthcare provider, the connection with that healthcare provider is made.

As a result, the data of that healthcare provider, the made appointments with that healthcare provider, the messages of the healthcare provider and the invoices that you have to pay for the treatments appear automatically in your OxyCity profile page.

The links for Google Maps, the contact data and the website of the healthcare provider appear under the widget My healthcare providers.

Click on the Info button to view the web page of the healthcare provider.

Depending on the personal choice of the healthcare provider, the button Make appointment may appear and you can click on it to make an appointment.

See How to make an appointment?

Click on the Accessibility button to indicate which registrations for which parameters (for example weight, BMI, blood pressure, glucose) may be visible for the healthcare provider with who you are connected.

See How can I indicate which registrations for which parameters should be visible for my connected healthcare provider?

Click on the link I'm searching for a healthcare provider to find a new healthcare provider.  

See Find a healthcare provider.