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User account

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Click on Home to return to your OxyCity profile page.

Click on your user name to view the Login tab.

Click on Help to view the online manual.

See User manual.

Click on Sign out to return to the sign in window.

See How do I sign in with OxyCity?



Your personal data that you used to register appear.

See How can I register for OxyCity?  

You can change them.  

User name

The user name that you used to register appears automatically.

You can type a new user name in this field.


Type your Current password and enter below a new Password, if you want to change your current password.  

The password must be a strong password (see instructions that appear).

Confirm the new password entering it in the Repeat password field.  


Activate this option if you want to import the data on your electronic identity card in OxyCity.

Insert you electronic identity card in the card reader and click on the Read eID with PIN code button to import your national social security number and the data on your electronic identity card through the site eID Identity Provider.

See How do I import the data of my electronic identity card in OxyCity?

The data on your electronic identity card should be registered if you want to sign in to OxyCity with eID and PIN code.


Contact details




You can adjust or complete your personal contact data and your language, gender or date of birth under this tab.


National social security number

As soon as the national social security number has been confirmed by the healthcare provider (after you communicated it when making an appointment with that healthcare provider), you can't modify it anymore. It will appear then on a grey background color.

User level


This number indicates the level of confidence that is assigned to you as OxyCity user.

According to this number, the healthcare provider decides if you may make directly appointments, or if you need to ask permission first or to submit an appointment request.

_img2Reliability increases if you meet the following criteria:

Manual registration on OxyCity of the name, national social security numer and email of the user and being connected

Name, email and national social security number of the OxyCity user are already known by the healthcare provider

The data of the electronic identity card of the user have been imported by the healthcare provider

Registration of the user on OxyCity by importing the data of the electronic identity card with PIN code.






The healthcare providers with who you are connected are viewed automatically and checked.

You can make an appointment in the agendas of the healthcare providers with who you are connected.

When making a first appointment with a healthcare provider, connection is made with that healthcare provider.  

See How do I make an appointment with a new healthcare provider through OxyCity?

As a result, the data of that healthcare provider, the made appointments with and the messages of the healthcare provider and the invoices that you have to pay for the received treatments appear automatically in your OxyCity profile page.  

Show all - Show active

If you are not treated anymore by a healthcare provider, uncheck then the box next to the name of the healthcare provider.

Click on the blue link Show all to show both the healthcare providers with who you are connected and the healthcare providers by who you are not treated anymore.

If you click afterward again on the blue link Show active, only the healthcare providers with who you are connected will appear.



You can indicate which appointment messages you want to receive from your healthcare provider.

The received appointment messages appear under the widget My messages in your OxyCity profile page.

Uncheck the options if you do not want to receive messages

with the data of new appointments made by the healthcare provider or of appointments changed or cancelled by the healthcare provider.  

with lists with future appointments from the healthcare provider;

with reminders for your appointments.    

Download data

According to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) the person concerned has the right to receive and to send (data portability) his or her personal data that are kept by OxyCity. Therefore, the button Download data was foreseen. If you click on this button, then you can export your personal data and your appointments and Parameter values (such as blood pressure, weight) that you registered yourself, or other data, to a structured, common and machine-readable Excel file.

You can print this Excel file afterwards, copy it on a USB key or send it per e-mail. But be aware that e-mail is not a secured communication medium.

See How can I export my personal data and appointments and parameter values that I registered myself to Excel and print them?

Per Excel tab, a specific category of data will be imported. For example, 1 tab for a specific parameter (weight), 1 tab for appointments ...

Also your values imported through your portable devices (for example Fitbit device) will be imported in Excel.

The values from your portable devices will be shown on a separate Excel tab.