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OxyCity profile page

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Click on the arrow in the right-hand side upper corner, next to the name of the OxyCity user, and select

My data to view your User account;

Data Protection Statement for more information about the processing of your personal data and a description of the data that are processed, for which purpose and how long they will be stored;

Cookies for more information about our cookies policy and the use of cookies, pixel tags and Google remarketing;

Info to send a general or technical question per email to the OxyCity team or to read the online manual;

Sign out to view the search function Find a healthcare provider;

Delete account to delete your OxyCity account.


Click on the icon in the right hand-side upper corner to set the visibility or the order of the widgets on your profile page.

See How can I set the visibility of the widgets on my profile page?

See How can I set the order of the widgets on my profile page?

We describe below the following functions:  

the widget User data

the widget Healthcare providers

the widget Appointments

the widget Invoices

the widget Messages

the widget Exercise programs

the Parameter-widgets